Thierry Geoffroy / revieuws in english ( last checked june 2018 )

C Magazine ( Canada )

-by Seamus Kealy, " Biennalist " June 2009 / printed

Art Forum
-by Manifesta , Sabeth Buchmann, feb 2011

-PS1/ MOMA februar 2007
" Learning Curves " April 12, 2017 • Athens • Kaelen Wilson-Goldie at the opening of Documenta 14 in Athens

jan 2011 by Clemens Bormsdorf  " not the same old sh...." .
"Danish event will show art on the day it is made " January 2015

Wired 2009
" Beyond the beyond " by writer Bruce Sterling

conversation for ARTWRIT by Jacquelyn Davis

text by Vassilios Oikonomopoulos / Nov 2011 /  The Biennalist in Athens – Emergencies in the midst of unfulfilled promises.

The New York Times / Herald Tribune International
-by Raphael Minder2/10/2010

Herald tribune " Contemporary art invade the capital "friday 07 sept 2007 by  A. Koroxenidis

continent / documenta   Nov 2013
Can an Art Show Like dOCUMENTA Be Dangerous ? Introduction Jamie Allen 

The Brian Lehrer Show
"Where art and Journalism Collide" (mp3, WNYC) PS1/MoMA, New York, 2007

The New Yorker / mars 2007

-Tema Celeste : Emergency Room” – December  2006

Q&A: Alternatives 2013 by Alasdair Foster 
Thierry Geoffroy (part 1) | Cultural Development ...part 2

-Manifesta by Paco Barragan feb 2011 (esthonia)
-by Peeter Linnap , mai 2002 " Colonel Bellicose artist sociologist " by Peeter Linnap mai 2002

Nathalie Hegert in artsland "Emergency case "/ 2008

"There is not a good Biennale without Colonel " by Salvo Perrino august 201

Vagant / Norway
" Colonel peintre de la repression " 2008

The Scotsman(UK)
-af Beatrice Colin "Home truths" 5/10/95

the ticker 
by: Natalia Diaz 2/26/07

WPS1 / MOMA   Clocktower Radio
-Emergency Room / Art Basel Miami by Tony Guerrero 2006
-Biennalist at Venice Biennale
by Tony Guerrero 2007 listen
-Armory Show / New York . Does the artist have any role in society ? "PS1/MOMA art radio WPS1/MOMA Thierry Geoffroy .with David Weinstein
-Fiac Paris
by Tony Guerrero 2009
-Critical Run: Today's Emergencies 15 november 2015

" the current pulse of the world " feb 2007

-abc news TV report

Columbia Spectator Live By James Dewille¨

Artists Get Heated On Day 2 In Italy  Kathleen Massara 30 / 5/2013 .Venice Biennale 2013

Interface 2013 @ a-n magazine

Contemporary art and ""
 emergency room mobile " ( until 30 september ) .

Art & Education
"Emergencies now before it is too late" Venice Biennale 2011 on

nominated BIENNALIST as best art exhibition 2013 @ Venice Biennale by Leigh Silver

"Intervieuw " on Sprengel Museum blog . by Gesa Lerhmann / 2011

 'Biennalist at Socle du Monde Biennale', for Frieze by Robert Barry, 2010

Artfairist & Biennalist' by , 2010

Guerilla Inovation
" Critical Run "@

The Curator Lifting Running Competition', e-flux, 2004

Reuters. 2009 / daily  Critical Run COP 15 ( Climate change conference )

National post / Canada

"Herd Mentality " by Lia Grainger 18 dec 2009

by Yannis Constantinidis text on  Penetration  2007 a penetration chronicle

chronologie ( biographie until 2002 by Inka Schubbe /Sprengel Museum Hannover

Social Media do not create revolutions they accelerate repression ...

Geographies of change

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Documenta is the botox of capitalism – Thierry Geoffroy Colonel ,Olivera Z. Mijuskovic /23/4/2017 http://filozofski-pogledi
A-desk Interview with Thierry Geoffroy. “The next Documenta or Venice Biennale should be curated by Mother Theresa” by Cecilia Martín .10/7/2017
catalan , english , Spanish ,

Wall street international ,7 arpil 2017

ArtAfrica magazine 2017 "Divided cell " June 2017 • by Ashraf Jamal.

Hyperallergic Cultural Diplomacy and Artwashing at Documenta in Athens /by Dorian BatyckaJune 12, 2017

InternationalBiennale association #documentasceptic Part 1: Documenta in Athens – Why in Athens? /29 mars 2017

"The necessity for questioning the structure "blog text by Tijana Miskovic 2017

Book  of tents in Biennalsist operations " The Emergency will replace the contemporarry " ( ISBN 978-87-970047-0-8 )

Independant collector 2016 : The Delay Museum
Widewalls Milica Jovic in 2016 Thierry Geoffroy Colonel Exhibition is Opening at Kalashnikovv Berlin

Maldives pavilion By Melissa Pearce

conferenceTijana Mišković:"

the Sociological Preoccupations of artist Thierry Geoffroy
"//video form seminar 2015

From Museum Critique to the Critical Museum By Katarzyna
Murawska-Muthesius, Piotr Piotrowski / book
p1 , p2 , p3 ,

Before It Is Too Late
By  Sebestyén Rita May 30, 2016/ Studies, essays, reviews, Uncategorized/ No

“Now before it is too late” - Ultracontemporary art as a response to contemporary political apathy. A text written by philosopher Carsten Friber

Panos Kompatsiaris .  The Politics of Contemporary Art Biennials: Spectacles of Critique, Theory and Art (Routledge Advances in Art and Visual Studies)
p 1 , p2

MURMUR, March 2015
THE ULTRACONTEMPORARY ART MOVEMENT . Intervieuw Thierry Geoffroy and
Tijana Miskovic by Peter Stanners
HAPPENING, June 2015 by Sarah Orford
A new model for the biennale

Inexhibit museum magazine,
By FEDERICA LUSIARDI - August 27, 2015

ENCA South African TV, June 2016

BD TV in Southern Africa, June 2016

ART TIMES/ BD live, June 2016 by Edward Tsumele: ( pdf )

art in  times  ( nina )

Emergency in  art is created and shown in no more than a day
in Design Indaba ( click)

CITYBUZZ, June 2016
Museum of African Design hosts #EmergencyArt installation

#ULTRACONTEMPORARY comes to Johannesburg
By Eva-Maria Shuman |
Condé Nast, July 12, 2016

In 1996 Thierry Geoffroy worked on a similar collection and vieuw from inside methods / called TERRITORIAL LANDSCAPE  (here some materiel )

Creative Camera (GB) by David Britain,  "Before after" dec 1996  this article is about the collection method but more the Immigrant project   p1, text  , p 3
                similar to  the toursit in Thallaind

Interface 2013 @ a-n magazine " CAN A NATION WELCOME ANOTHER NATION ?" by Nathaniel Pitt 

COMPLEX  nominated BIENNALIST as best art exhibition 2013 @ Venice Biennale by Leigh Silver

 Contemporary art and "" emergency room mobile "

Collecting by Curating
Copenhagen-based collector and curator Tijana Mišković

ReviewManifesta 8, Murcia, Spain, 9 October, 2010 – 9 January, 2011.
Joanne Laws
“Please raise your hands if you are from northern Africa.”

Exhibition Cork / passports / Glucksman gallery ireland dublin  text  , cover , image

Venice Biennale 2015   ( different publication about 20 )  What does an elitist event like the Venice biennale have to do with Karl Marx.

Awareness Muscle: A Text in Two Parts   Part One: Pre-Arrival by Seamus Keally 2007

Live From N.Y., It's Yesterday's News By: 2/21/07 By: James Dewill   //Columbia Daily Spectator

Inka Schubbe/  Sprengel Museum 2001 (GB) / in context of soloshow at the museum

Jacob Birken   From Museum Critique to the Critical Museum
Katarzyna Murawska-Muthesius, ‎Piotr Piotrowski - 2016

Kunst und Öffentlichkeit
Dagmar Danko, ‎Olivier Moeschler, ‎Florian Schumacher - 2014
Im Rollenformat des »Biennalist«

Peripheral Insider: Perspectives on Contemporary Internationalism in ...
Khaled D. Ramadan - 2007

Perspectives on Contemporary Internationalism in Visual Culture Khaled D. Ramadan. 233 Self measurement of Danishness. Year: 2000.

Title    Scandinavian photography 2: Denmark
Authors    Ingrid Fischer Jonge, Faulconer Gallery
Editor    Daniel J. Strong
Publisher    Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell College, 2005

European Media Art Festival Osnabrueck 2006 - Page 21 -
THE WALLRAFF METHOD Colonel - Thierry Geoffroy

Texte zur Kunst - Volume 16, Issues 63-64 - Translate this

Connaissance des arts - Issues 663-666

Art and the Challenge of Markets Volume 2: From Commodification
Victoria D. Alexander, ‎Samuli Hägg, ‎Simo Häyrynen - 2018 - ‎

The necessity for questioning the structure - a text by Tijana Miskovic from the book " The EMERGENCY WILL REPLACE THE CONTEMPORARY ( Kassel )

"The Emergency Will Replace the Contemporary: A Selection of Tent Artworks by Thierry Geoffroy/Colonel
Author   Tijana Mišković  (120 page ) Publisher    Gallery Ultracontemporaine, 2017 ISBN    8797004707, 9788797004708

The Politics of Contemporary Art Biennials: Spectacles of Critique, Theory and Art  by   Panos Kompatsiaris
Taylor & Francis, 31 Mar 2017 - Art - 198 pages

Manifesta 8 and the Problems of Sincerity Louise O'Hare  Reviews / 24.11.2010